Tiny Hands is a company that makes jewelry that looks and smells like food. Big Feet is a body part that makes it hard to find shoes that fit. But we’re here to talk about Tiny Hands and their sweet collection of Breakfast Necklaces. I like to call them… breakflaces. These cute little trinkets don’t just look like tasty breakfast foods, they smell like them too. The waffle smells like a waffle, those pancakes smell like pancakes, and the fried egg smells like a damn fried egg. Etc, etc, etc. You’re probably wondering why I included pictures of a corn dog and multiple flavors of ice cream. Well it’s because that corn dog looks delicious and ice cream is absolutely an acceptable choice for the first meal of day. Or any meal of the day. My boy Ron Swanson isn’t exactly a jewelry type guy, but he’d definitely approve of Breakflaces. Just kidding, I don’t know Ron Swanson and if I did, he would want nothing to do with me. Still, a girl can dream! Dream about what, you ask? Well, all kinds of stuff. I dunno, flying in the clouds, making out hardcore with a hunk, winning the lottery, being BFFs with Ron Swanson, driving a car and suddenly the steering wheel breaks off in my hands and I go careening off the edge of a cliff. Unfortunately, it’s usually that last one.

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  1. Madi

    I’d like to smell like pancakes or muffins. But burnt eggs?

  2. Brittany High

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

  3. Mei

    Very valid question, @Madi! But the egg necklaces are bacon scented!

  4. Brittany High

    Thanks for clarifying, Mei! Love your product :)

  5. Mei

    Thank YOU Brittany for the fun feature! <3 If I can ever do anything for you food jewelry related, let me know!

  6. Brittany High

    I… would not turn down a slice of za. Or a fish taco. :P

  7. Mei

    Like this? ;)

  8. Brittany High

    Exactly like that! :) Where can I buy it?!

  9. kwats0205

    Awww..i would love 2 wear stuff like tht.but i wouldn’t want to get chased by a dog for smelling like it..lol

  10. lucy

    Dove si possono comprare i ciondoli? Grazie

  11. Eleanor

    Do they lose their scent after a while and if so, after how long?