The Devil’s Pet is a candle that looks like a kitty. Until you light it and the wax melts away revealing a creepy-ass skeleton. It’s possessed! No, no it’s not. But it sure is scary and I don’t do scary! Or exercise. The creepy cat candy is brought to us by artist Thorunn Arnadottir. To those of you interested in buying one be sure to watch out for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign to snag your very own. Also, to those of you interested in buying one, I have one question for you: WTF is wrong with you people? You’re sick! (My cat told me to say that.)


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  1. Gorynytch

    Shut up, and take my money !

  2. Wendy Maggs

    My fiancé and I were looking for the perfect wedding favor. I think we just found it!

  3. Dblevins

    how much are they

  4. Amm

    OMG sooo flippin awsome so want.

  5. vbmcxv

    yay! where can we get these?

  6. vbmcxv

    i found it…NEVERMIND

  7. wanessarubim

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