Japanese chocolatiers L’éclat have a line of chocolates resembling our solar system, including the sun and 8 official planets (sorry, Pluto). Each is hand painted and flavored to taste outta this world. Jk jk, I just assumed they’d tasted like Alien Remains or Rocket Fuel but they’re really just Earthly flavors like mango-coconut, orange praline and rum raisin. Even the sun is chocolate-pineapple which came as a surprise to me since I always thought it’d taste like molten lava or ya know, FIIIIRE OMG MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE. The solar system better watch out because it’s about to get sucked into my black hole and washed down with some Milky Way!

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  1. Josh

    Quit disrespecting Pluto!

  2. Doug


  3. Jen

    Since I have a child in grade school, I can tell you that I am often surprised by the tidbits that I learn… “Mom, did you know that Pluto isn’t considered to be a planet anymore?” Yes, got that from my second grader last year. Imforget why, but google it and you’ll find out.

  4. James McNeilage

    Are these available in the UK?

  5. Riven Moonbow

    If it was 8 planets AND the sun that would make 9 total chocolates…but theres only 8. The Sun is not included in the set. This celestial chocolate collection includes Mercury (coconut mango), Venus (lemon cream), Earth (cacao), Mars (orange praline), Jupiter (vanilla), Saturn (rum raisin), Uranus (milk tea) and Neptune (cappuccino

  6. Kassandra Bonilla

    If you go to the website for the chocolates, you will notice there are two sets available. One has the 8 planets (missing pluto) and the other has the 8 planets and the sun for a set of 9 chocolates (also excluding pluto).

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