French boozemaker Rémy Martin and designer Merve Kahraman bring us The Seduction Series, a set of mini drinking glass rings. Now this is what I call fashion. Jk, I don’t know anything about fashion, but if you ask me, this sure is a great idea! These drinking glass rings are right up there with the Flask Tie, Wine Bra, and the BevBuckle as far as genius wearable drink recepticles go! But these things go above and beyond — they’re classy. And if there’s one thing I aim to be when I’m drinking, it’s classy drunk.




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Via: Gizmodiva


  1. Cheryl

    Please tell me how I can purchase these.

  2. Hemperor

    that Hold the Bottle ? OPEN CONTAINER, Occifer ? It SCARES~AWAY MEAN BIRD$! 30 Ways To Eat Chocolate~WiNE For Breakfast with HEMP~WHI$KEY
    that Prevents &/or CURE$ CANCER