You know those days when you’re too lazy to make breakfast so you drive over to Mickey D’s and buy a bacon egg mcmuffin? Well, do you also know those days when you’re too lazy to drive to Mickey D’s (or put pants on) so you just eat cold pizza instead? Okay, and THEN there are those days where you don’t have any cold pizza in the fridge and all you have to eat is a can of peas that was in your cabinet before you even moved in. Wait, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, breakfast—it’s important and you shouldn’t skip it because then your brain stops working and you can’t get through writing a paragraph without digressing. BUT I DIGRESS! That’s why you need the Breakfast Sandwich Maker. It lets you make the perfect breakfast sandwich in 5 minutes or less AND there are no rules about breakfast being served after 10:30 am.

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