Before we begin, let me start off by saying AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahahahahahaha. Haha. Ha! Haaaa… Oh man. Okay, so remember that band Smash Mouth from the 90s? They fall into the same category as, like, Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind. With the assistance of Guy Fieri, the band has put together a book of recipes. It’s called Smash Mouth: Recipes from the Road: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Cookbo — AHAHAHAHAAAAA! Sorry, sorry — A Rock ‘n’ Roll Cookbook. The recipes included are from Smash Mouth’s favorite restaurants they’ve frequented on tour. While it definitely looks like the lead singer Steve really knows how to enjoy food, there’s just something about him that makes me question his taste. It’s not so much because he’s a part of Smash Mouth, it’s… more because of that landing strip on his chin.

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