You know anything with “le” in front of it is super fancy, so right off the bat this burger deserves to be more expensive than normal based on its name alone. Le Burger Extravagant from NYC restaurant Serendipity 3 set the Guinness World Record for most expensive hamburger. The burger—oh excuse me—le burger costs $295 and has to be ordered 48 hours in advance. So what makes it so expensive? At first I thought maybe it came in Happy Meal with a gold watch, but no such luck. It’s made of Japanese Wagyu beef infused with white truffle butter, covered in some fancy hand formed cheese, topped with shaved black truffles and a fried quail egg. Plus there’s some caviar and other rich people foods I’ve never heard of… oh, and it comes with a diamond encrusted toothpick for good measure.

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  1. deep fried blaq

    godddaaaam what if da niqqa burn da meat, or he crack da quail egg wrong and dat shyt spill out wrong or a shell land in dat b!tch. niqqa gon get fired fo sho. dafuq is a quail anywayz….finna qoogle dat shyt rite now

  2. Skinny Foody Guy

    “In some fancy cheese”, “other rich people foods” ? It sounds like this was written by a teenie bopper from the 80’s. It’s a freaking burger. It’s not a difficult task to be thorough a precise with this short of an article. Shame on me for clicking on the first article on google.

  3. foo

    You do know that “le” is French for “the”, don’t you? With your logic, for French people, everything that exists is super fancy.

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