Trying to lose weight but can’t stop stuffing your face? OMG, twinsies! I mean, not the dieting thing. The whole eating everything in sight, I got that part down pat. Vaportrim is for people who like sweets but not the calories that come with them. The concept is basically tricking your brain into thinking it’s full. You know, science and stuff. Just pull the tab to activate Vaportrim, put the tube to your lips and inhale. You will experience the smell and taste of whichever flavor you’ve chosen. There are 14 flavors available, like blueberry muffin, caramel frappe, strawberry shortcake, and pina colada. So, did I sell you on this thing or what? Because if everyone runs out and buys the Vaportrim instead of eating real life delicious desserts that means MORE FOR ME.

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  1. Susan

    Yo….I didn’t think I would like this stuff but now I love snorting my pancakes every morning…MMmmmm Good!!

  2. Lizzy

    Where can i buy a vaportrim?? I’ve looked everywhere , and when I go to the web page my safari tells me that the server do not exists!! Please help

  3. Kkwillis1

    Or maybe just start vaping! Would be exact same thing!!! Just get any flavor you want with zero nicotine!!!
    Thank God for electric cigarettes! Changed my whole life! I’m using an ecig now that plays basically on this same concept. Get all the flavor and none of the side effects!!!! But I think that there are a ton more flavors in the vape world lol

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