Because you can’t just eat pistachios out of the bag and throw the shells onto the floor and grind them into the carpet like a normal person, here’s the Pistachio Bowl Set by OTOTO. It’s not just for pistachios, it actually looks like a pistachio! One big-ass ceramic pistachio. The thing is actually made up of two bowls, one for unopened nuts and the other for empty shells. Speaking of empty shells: meeee! I’m dead inside. Now I had better not catch you serving any other kind of nuts in there, because that would be all kinds of silly. And if there’s one thing we don’t tolerate around here, it’s silliness. Silliness and tardiness. I got a verbal warning for being late this morning!

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  1. brooms

    Pretty sure either Joseph Joseph or Bodum’s done something VERY similar years ago

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