You had to get up pretty early in my house if you wanted to get any marshmallows in your Lucky Charms. The first one up picked out all the marshmallows, leaving behind nothing but cardboard… and the cereal box itself (cue punchline drum). That’s why the Lucky Charms Cereal Sifter is a work of genius and should be included as the surprise inside every box. The only surprise inside cereal these days is childhood obesity, which—let’s be honest—isn’t much of a surprise. If you have access to a 3D printer (and a steady supply of insulin) you can make your own Lucky Charms sifter.

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  1. Jerry

    They already have one better, there are places online that sell just the marshmallows by themselves. Example:

  2. Lynn

    Every Mennonite bulk food store in the midwest sells straight up dried marshmallow bits! A lucky Charms box full would cost about $3, which I think is a lot less than a Lucky Charms box full of Lucky Charms!

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