For the alcoholic sex-fiend in your life, here’s the world’s first whiskey-flavored lube. It’s called Whiskey Dick. Because what better way to market your sex product than to name it after a flaccid wiener suffering from too much booze? Also, can you think of anything sexier than your privates smelling like whiskey? And to think this whole time I’ve been doing everything in my power to avoid smelling like hooch (bathing in bleach, gargling with chlorine, eating charcoal by the handful) and here people are pouring it all over their nethers and getting freaky. I’ve been doing it all wrong!!

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  1. Serena Moonlight

    My man does not suffer from Whiskey Dick, and also happens to love whiskey. Hahaha. Getting this as a gag gift for Christmas, and mailing it to him. (He’s deployed)