Technically you could hold any ice cream with your hands, but it would be really cold and messy. WikiPearls differ from regular ice cream because you can hold them without a drippy mess and they don’t melt as fast. They’re kind of like Dippin’ Dots meets donut holes. The new foodvention comes from a shop called WikiBar near the Louvre in Paris, adding at least 1000 points to the pretentious foodie meter. The shop offers 3 different flavors including mango with coconut skin, chocolate with hazelnut skin, and vanilla with peanut skin. The best part? They can last up to 8 hours, meaning it’s now totally possible to pack ice cream for lunch. Again, technically it was possible to do that before, but I’m getting tired of ice cream soup for lunch every day.


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  1. fatone

    i want some!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. okay

    have you never heard of mochi