A penis cake is perfect to serve up at bachelorette parties, your pervert uncle’s birthday, or always, if you just happen to like wiener-shaped foods. Which let’s be honest: who doesn’t? Corndogs and bananas are where it’s at! But some might say a penis cake isn’t appropriate for all occasions, like gramma’s tea party or a baby shower or whatever. I know, I know — PRUDES. But now you can have your penis cake and eat it too, all you gotta do is disguise that sweet dong! PenisPans.com is a website that provides ideas of how to use your penis cake pan without the final product being so, you know… penis-y. Transform that hang-down into something new and inoffensive like a UFO, wizard, lighthouse, elephant, and more! And if anyone points out that your cake has an uncanny resemblance to a dingaling, you know what you say to that person? You don’t say anything. Just give them a knowing glance and wink.




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