Instructables user Karinsurance brings us this tutorial on how to recreate those chocolate chip cookie shot glasses we saw a few weeks back. Thank goodness! I tried my hand at making these and it ended up not working out for me AT ALL — by the time the oven finished preheating, I had already finished off all the cookie dough. Hopefully these step by step instuctions will prevent that from happening in the future. Thanks, Karinsurance!

Go to¬†Karinsurance’s Instructables page HERE to see all the deets.



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  1. Poop

    wow, how not very “how to” at all. Thanks for nothing !

  2. Poop

    I could bake these with my dick in them and get the same results. This = stoops u frkcaksjd;ladfuiio. I’m hungry.

  3. Poop

    What’s next? Sugar Kool-Aid Kups? Yea.. I called it. Random internet dude ftw. That’s me, btw, u dumbzeez.

  4. Brittany High

    Hi Poop! The recipe is linked to at the end of the article or if you click the “Check it Out” button it’ll take you there as well.

  5. ballzy

    poop is a lil bitch