Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs? What is this sorcery! This is a video tutorial explaining the witchcraft steps on how to make eggs that are scrambled AND THEN hardboiled. The info is brought to us by Youtube user NightHawkInLight (NOT to be confused with MorningBirdInDarkness who made a vid showing how to make undercooked eggs that give you salmonella poisoning). To scramble the egg within its shell you just need a long sleeved t-shirt and some serious spinning. Jk jk, I bet some mediocre spinning skills would do the trick. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway! I’ve spent my whole life half-assing it, you think I’m gonna finally put in the effort when it comes to making scrambled hard boiled eggs? I might consider making these things for about a minute, warm up a pizza in the microwave and go back to bed.


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