In “Things That Make My Very Simple Mind So Very Happy,” Vine-er Savannah posted this amazing 6 second video of a shirtless dude eating Goldfish like no one’s ever seen a shirtless dude eat Goldfish before. Or anyone, for that matter. He eats those cheddar crackers off of a moving treadmill. It is impressive. Even after you see that he left a crumbly trail pile of destruction in his wake eat. RIP Goldish. You have not died in vain! Two year olds everywhere are mourning your passing.


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Via: Neatorama


  1. koorah

    my new favorite gym activity

  2. bloopism

    You’re abusing the crossing out of words, we get it, you’re trying to be clever. Only one per article otherwise it gets confusing and distracting. I don’t even remember wtf I was reading now. :/

  3. Thodoris

    When stupidity knows no boundaries

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