This is an infographic that compares the calories in Starbucks dranks vs other food, drinks, and candy. For example, the calories in a Grande Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha is the same found in almost four cans of Coke, one hundred and twenty Skittles is equal to a Double Chocolaty Chip Frapp, a hot chocolate has as many calories as forty-seven gummy bears, etc. D-d-d-damn! The info was put together and illustrated by Ryoko Itawa of I Love Coffee. Oh, you love coffee, huh? Do you really? Because your little picture here just convinced me to skip the latte and have a slice of pizza instead! Oh — oh I see what you’re doing here. If you turn the world against coffee, there’s more left for you. Damn, that’s good. Tricky, but good.

starbucks-vs-other-food-calories-2 starbucks-vs-other-food-calories-3 starbucks-vs-other-food-calories-4 starbucks-vs-other-food-calories-5 starbucks-vs-other-food-calories-6 starbucks-vs-other-food-calories-7 starbucks-vs-other-food-calories-8

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  1. Justin Ward

    All I’ve been drinking for about 4 years now is a Venti Dark Roast (Tribute/Italian) black. Just recently I’ve been adding a dash of cinnamon to it. Gooooood. :)