Another day, another Sriracha product that I would like to put in my mouth. Today we’ve got J&D’s Sriracha Popcorn sold by FredFlare. This stuff is making regular-ass buttered popcorn look bad. Real bad. Like would not even feed to my dog kinda bad. But let’s not waste anymore time here: there should be a Sriracha version of everything. I don’t think anyone would complain. In fact, I think they would thank us and probably even erect statues in our honor. And since it was my idea in the first place, obviously I’d get a cut of all the profits. Plus a life-time supply of every product. Ooh, maybe they’d put my picture on the packaging? Yeah you’re right, I’m too unattractive for that. I don’t want my fugly mug to drive down sales! So, yeah, just my name printed in really big letters on the labeling will suffice. And a key to the city. Which city, you ask? Good question. Hmm, it’s just so hard to choose! How about all of them?

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