Wow guys, this is a really great time to be me. It just seems like every day there’s a new product that fulfills my deepest heart’s stomach’s desires. Now Pizza Hut UK is offering pizza with a hotdog stuffed crust. Get out of my head! Currently it’s only available at UK locations, but you think that’s gonna stop me from gettin’ some? Just crumble some Cooler Ranch Doritos on this baby and I got my Dream Pizza! Life could not get any better than this. Okay, sure… maybe if I had a little direction, some social skills, a job, and didn’t constantly bring shame to my family, I guess. But I’m afraid none of that can even hold a candle to Hot Dog Pizza. You complete me.

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  1. Scott D.

    Imagine the gaseous emissions – both oral and anal – after eating that monstrosity…LOL

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