This is a pair of Sriracha Rooster Sauce themed heels. They’re called Rock Out Stilettos. I guess so you can rock out with your figurative cock (as in rooster) out. Because if there’s one thing these shoes are, it’s CLASSY. You can buy a pair of your own for just $190 over at Hourglass Footwear. Huh? Okay, I know the hourglass figure is desirable female form, but hourglass feet? What is that? Like vuluptious toes, a trim, skinny little arch, and lucious heel? Because that actually sounds kiiiinda smexy. I mean, if you’re a sick foot pervert! Everyone with any kind of decency knows that an elbow fetish is where it’s at. You can tell so much about a potential lover by the ash-to-loose-skin ratio of their ‘bows. Ooh, and the pointier, the better. Yow yow!

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