What could be better than your favorite on-the-go beverage? A spiked version of your favorite on-the-go-beverage, of course. Unbearable events like plays, kiddie parties and sporting events (okay, so this is all a matter of opinion) get an upgrade when you get yourself a DIY Hooch Kit. What does it do? It actually transform fruit juice into booze. Simply decant your favorite juice into a large bottle, pour in the magic powder, pop the rubber stopper, and airlock in the lid to let the unfathomable wonder of yeasty science work its magic. Take it with you and you’ll be feeling saucy in no time. Best of all, those around you will be none the wiser.

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  1. Virginia

    I’ve used this product. It takes a little longer to use than this article makes it sound. There is also a lot of trial and error involved…not all juice ferments into a yummy beverage. But…for those of you who think it sounds entertaining…it is.

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