The LEGO Hogwarts we showed you a while back was incredible, but unfortunately not edible. Unless you’re Brittany. That girl has problems. Mostly health problems related to eating LEGOs. But this version of Hogwarts by Cherry Bay Cakery isn’t made of LEGOs—it’s made of gingerbread and candy and other sugary stuff. What kinda stuff you ask? I did my homework so I have the answers: the walls are held together with fondant icing, the windows are made out of root beer barrel candies, and the valley is made from Rice Krispies. The project took 100 hours, 50 lbs of fondant, and magical gingerbread skills.




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  1. Brittany High

    Heeeeeeeeey, don’t knock it till you try it! But be forewarned, eating LEGO bricks WILL result in severe digestional issues. Totally worth it!

  2. Jenni Chasteen


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