Long Chuan Beer Company of Taiwan is selling Hello Kitty Beer. It’s basically just beer and fruit juice with Hello Kitty’s face slapped on the can. Choose from 4 flavors: passion fruit, lemon, banana, or peach. Or chug them all and get drunk as hell! Jk, there’s no getting drunk on this stuff. You’d have to guzzle like 20 in succession — the HK Beer has an alcohol content of only 2.5%. Booooo, I know, but this kinda makes sense to me. For one, anyone who’s drinking Hello Kitty beer, is probably not really looking to get slaughtered. And two, well, Hello Kitty is only three apples high, no doubt she’s a light weight! Anything more than 2.5% and she’d be down for the count.




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Via: RocketNews24