Because all the best holiday parties have an open bar and who has the self control to stop drinking free drinks, this is the Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch. Just place the 100% safe and natural patch to a dry and hairless place on your body, provided there is such a space, you moist, hairy beast. Then you keep the thing on for 8 hours after you’ve stopped drinking, provided you ever stop drinking. I’m no quitter! Allegedly, you stay hangover free. That sounds like a real dream! Now I know you guys have been racking your brains for the perfect gift to give me this year, so I’ll just lay it down for you: an unlimited Taco Bell gift card. But what was that? Something else? Did someone say STOCKING STUFFERS? No? Well, allow me: STOCKING STUFFERS! This is what you do: cram as many Bytox Hangover Prevention Patches you can fit into the biggest stocking you can find. That, and the unlimited Taco Bell gift card, plus your undying love and affection is all I need for Christmas. Is that so much to ask? Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ve been all kinds of naughty!


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  1. Andre Guerrero

    Well, there is a problem…when you stop drinking, you would be very drunk, probably wont even remember to put the patch on…