In news that will make you ask yourself “But… why?” now there’s Grumpy Cat brand coffee drinks. Did someone run this by Grumpy Cat? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure she would not be into this. She doesn’t like coffee. She doesn’t like anything! Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino will come in three different flavors and, according to The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook page, should be availble to purchase soon. I bet it’s gonna taste horrible. That’s what Grumpy Cat would want. And/or maybe I’m just a little bit bitter about all this. I mean, if they’re gonna turn one meme into a product, they should turn ALL memes into products! No Overly Attached Girlfriend condoms? Why the hell hasn’t R.L. Stine come up with a Gersebermps series? And of course there will never be a Bad Luck Brian anything. Of course. Why is life so unfair?!

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