Can’t keep your dog out of the litter box? It could be that he’s missing something from his diet or it could just be that he really really likes the taste of kitty poops. Either way, it’s nasty and you should put a lid on that litter box. Of course if you don’t want to seem mean for taking away his favorite treat you’re going to have to find a suitable replacement. Since dogs are dumb enough to think Beggin’ Strips are really bacon, then they’d probably be fooled by fake cat crap too. The Portland based (no surprise there) Dog Dreams Baking Company makes Kitty Poops, the best only cat poop dog treat on the market. It’s full of nutritious ingredients and it looks like the real deal—it’s even got oats that look like kitty litter. And as a bonus, you get to look like a crazy person who keeps cat crap in baggies to feed to the dog.

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