♫ I smell sex and candy, yeah ♫

That’s probably this pervy collection of lollipops that are modeled after sex toys. There’s many varieties like anal bead, double-ended, BDSM, and more. FIRMA, the creative agency responsible, says their product is meant for “adult girls and boys, who have no shame.” Well, thaaaaaat’s me! I’m legally an adult and I haven’t felt shame since the time I shat my cap and gown at preschool graduation. No, that’s not a typo — yes, I shat my cap, too. Don’t ask me how!




Check it out

Via: Food Beast


  1. Glenda Raye Moses

    Oh Yes I WOULD!!!!

  2. Colleen

    Damn right I would

  3. dsolomon

    I…don’t think these go in your mouth…

  4. dsolololololomon

    I’m handing these out at Halloween.

  5. leta89

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