They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and judging by the way my peepers look when I wake up in the morning, my soul is droopy, haggard, bloodshot, and has a hard time staying open. This cutesy heat activated Wake Up Mug is on the same page. Pre-coffee, this little guy is nodding off into a bowl of cereal, but after a shot of caffiene (take it straight to the vein, baby!) he’s highly alert and has that wiiiiiiiide awake thing going on. Once you’ve drained the mug of its lifeforce, it’ll return to its droopy, sleepy state. Kind of like how you will inevitably return to a droopy, sleepy state. Wow. A coffee mug serving as a constant reminder of your dependence on coffee. That’s deep.

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  1. Mark

    wont the eyes sag when u drink the coffee lol

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