For breakfast, you can have bacon and eggs, for lunch, you can have a BLT, for dinner, you can have bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and for a snack, you can have chocolate with bacon in it. You can pretty much eat bacon for every meal of the day, but sooner or later, you’re going to have to brush your teeth, and that means that delicious bacon flavor will be replaced with some sort of minty flavor. You can avoid that tragic fate by picking up a tube of Bacon Toothpaste, the only toothpaste guaranteed to keep your breath smelling of smoky meat all day long. That’s right, you never have to be without the delicious taste of bacon in your mouth again. This toothpaste is sure to make your life better…. or at least what’s left of your life. If you eat that much bacon, you’re probably on your way to a heart attack, but hey, at least you’ll go down with the awesome flavor of bacon in your mouth!

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