Deodorant is such a hassle. You gotta remember whether or not you put any on this morning. And there’s no way of telling. That rancid smell by the way is NOT me. It’s probably the cats or something. Or maybe my shitty neighbor finally died and his rotting corpse is stinking up the building. One could only hope! Deo Perfume Candy is an edible deodorant that makes a person smell like roses for up to six hours. The sweet stuff was created by Beneo with some help from candy makers Alpi. It’s definitely a good alternative to regular deodorant, because you’ll never have to remind me to take it. I mean, c’mon — it’s f***ing candy! Come to think of it, you’ll probably have to ration it out to me. When it comes to candy I got NO self control, folks!

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  1. zme1004

    this is gonna be big! even bigger then slices bread!

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