Mornings are rough, tough, and all around unbearable for most without a nice cup of coffee. On some mornings, it isn’t even about the caffeine, you just enjoy the warm, lovely routine. If you throw a unicorn and a rainbow into the mix, you’re bound for a really awesome day. Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug is handcrafted from stoneware clay in Pennsylvania. Featuring a charming footed base, she offers an ample vessel for your favorite beverage, inquisitive blue eyes, a flowing rainbow mane, and a magical horn. Happy days are here again.

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  1. Regina Barbour Reif

    My favorite would be absolutely anything I drink out of this mug, if I had it. Maybe someday when I’m $38 richer!

  2. Chelley

    OMG. I need one (several) of these in my life!! Do they ship to UK?

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