DoubleKick Caffeinated Hot Sauce brings spice to your meal AND gives you a boost of energy. The stuff is all-natural, made from chilies, ginger, and caffeine. There’s 12mg of caffeine in a teaspoon of DoubleKick. Sounds good! Now do ketchup next. I could definitely use more energy (I fell asleep hangliding once), but I’m not big on coffee or energy drinks. Ketchup would be perfect! I’m always pouring that saucy tomato slop on everything. They don’t call it The Condiment of the Gods for nothin’! Jk jk, they don’t call it that. YET! I’ve been campaigning pretty hard to get that to be ketchup’s official tagline. Which leads me to my next question… Sign my petition?

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  1. Numinex

    They don’t send to Canada so that’s it. Not impressed.