Taco Bell stopped selling Choco Tacos in store. At least where I live. Do you live in some fantasy world where Taco Bell has Choco Tacos on the menu? ‘Cause I’ma buy a one way ticket there so let me know ASAP, mama needs her fix in a bad way. Thank goodness there’s the DIY Choco Taco Kit. It comes with chocolate-flavored taco shells, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. No ice cream though, which is alright by me — if I’m gonna be doing all this work for a Choco Taco, I appreciate the opportunity to mix and match ice creams. But let’s get back to the real issue at hand: whoever decided to pull the plug on Choco Tacos being sold at Taco Bell should be fired. As in, set on fire. Also, they should lose their job!

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Via: Food Beast

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  1. Jackie Che

    We actually sold this in my father’s store in Willingboro, NJ for $1 a box.