Because I’m a paranoid crazy person, I gave up cow’s milk some time ago. What I miss most is bowls of sugary cereal drowning in the the stuff, though I was never one for drinking the leftovers. Many folks consider that the best part of breakfast. Once all the cereal is gone, that flavored milk really gets them going. If you want to savor that special milk, Aaron Gemon has a brilliant solution for you. You can make your own “breakfast cereal tea”. Well there’s no tea in this awesome beverage, but it does involve teabags. After emptying a regular teabag of tea leaves, Gemon filled it with crushed up or blended cereal. To produce the desired cereal-soaked milk, simply dunk this cereal teabag into hot milk.

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  1. Mary Breveleri

    Have cereal with almond milk or soy milk. This is not the solution.