Since no one can get you to stop drinking so many Jack and Cokes when you party, maybe someone can at least see to it that you don’t wake up in a pile of trash in the alley. How you got there is entirely unclear, but the last thing you remember is hailing a cab and throwing up on your best friend’s shoes. Apparently she didn’t stick around after that to make sure you gave the cabbie the correct address. We’ve all had a night (or 12) like that before, but don’t let it get you down. Just remember to scribble down your address on a napkin before you get into the cab, just in case you pass out. Oh and make sure they know to look for that secret stash of cash you keep in your socks. And in case you need a checklist because that’s a lot to remember drunk, use Dear Cab Driver Napkins, which contain a form that lets your cab driver know where you live and where to fondle you find your money.

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  1. Truthiness

    Do you really want to be carrying around a paper saying where you live and where your cash is? Okay, you’re drunk and you just gave a mugger your money, keys, and a your address. Come on people, lets think before we create, seriously!