This drink isn’t a figment of your imagination. I know, that was my initial thought too and I was all “Man, maybe I need to lay off the absinthe!” The glowing, outer-space inspired jungle juice was created by The Campus Companion Party Lab. All you need is gin OR vodka (choose gin if you really, really hate yourself), tonic water, Roses Mojito Passion OR Pink-Lemonade Concentrate, ice, and a black light. Man that doesn’t sound too crazy! But knowing me, I would totally f*** it up. Not intentionally of course, but because I already had a good buzz going, didn’t read all the instructions, and just poured all of the ingredients directly down my throat. Oh, me! So typical.

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  1. Name

    Are you literally retarded?

  2. J Rizzle

    Yes. I believe he/she/they/it are literally retarded.

  3. WHAT?

    I would like to point out that there is a goddamn galaxy in that drink. Now unless those ingredients are metaphors for subatomic particles and god’s own blood this doesn’t make any kind of sense that I know of. You are a foolish little person in a strange little world.

  4. Kevin

    It is true that tonic water (with QUININE) fluoresces. It isn’t some magic potion…its the chemical in tonic water. You can also free it and have glow in the dark ice cubes…

  5. wow

    this is incredibly stupid

  6. Douglas

    @ the rere’s above: pretty sure the writer doesnt think the recipe makes galaxies in your drink. follow the source link to see pictutes of the drink glow. welcome to the internet, dont tell your mommy youre on her computer!

  7. WHAT?

    Yeah welcome to the internet, it tends to be full of bullshit. Thats not a source.

  8. Brittany High


    Hi Lauren,

    If you click the “Check it out!” link it will take you to the site for the cocktail recipe. The same place the picture comes from. The “Source” link is simply crediting the literal source, the site we originally found the info. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.

  9. Karl

    …does the article seriously start out with “damn yeah”? Wow. Just…wow. Lay off the absinthe indeed.

  10. B. Obama

    You are clearly retarded

  11. cameronmm

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the actual drink looks nothing like that.

  12. fredtherabbit

    might want to, ya know, mention how much of each ingredient to use? and you’re missing one btw.

  13. Me

    Might want to, ya know click the “check it out” button…

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