As a rule I don’t eat anything someone offers me unless they eat some first. I’ve never been poisoned and I’m confident that the only boogers I’ve ingested were completely intentional. But now I’m going to have to add an addendum to that rule: don’t eat anything someone offers me unless they eat some first AND I know for sure that they don’t consider semen a delicacy. Because apparently there’s a semen cookbook and that’s something we have to worry about now. There’s nothing that can be said about Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes that hasn’t already been said in the book’s reviews. So instead I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite recipe names: Irish Coffee with Extra Cream, Man Made Oysters and Tiramisu Surprise… as in “Surprise! You’re eating my spunk!”

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  2. KS

    When I first heard about this book I laughed and assumed it was a joke. But then I was curious. I knew semen actually is nutritious and knew in some cultures people eat placenta for its nutrition. I’m not joking. I looked it up on the internet, and sure enough there it was available on Amazon. I was surprised at the mean comments – people saying how disgusting it is and how the author needs help. I did not buy the book, because almost all the food I like does not require me to cook it. I am also alone so do not have anyone to cook for. But I would not automatically rule out this book because of one unusual ingredient. Did you know that if you were stranded some where, had access to fresh water, but no food, eating semen could keep you alive? It’s true. The body can go a very long time without food but not forever. Please don’t make fun of the author or say he needs help or is gross. There are some people who really enjoy eating different food. For example – rocky mountain oysters, haggis, cow tongue, etc.

  3. KS

    I did not put that baby in my avatar by the way. I don’t know how that got there or what may show up this time.

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