Visual Anatomy is a company that’s selling edible anatomy. They’re chocolates shaped like different body parts, organs, limbs, etc. There are over 20 shapes to choose from, like a brain, ear, hand, heart, vertebra, pancreas, liver… even a colon! Yeah, it’s basically the only way you can eat a butt and it not taste like actual butt. Eek, this reminds me: butts are gross Halloween is right around the corner. So what are you going to be for All Hallows’ Eve? Ooh, that’s cool. Really clever! Me? I’m going to be black out drunk. Black out drunk and wearing whatever cheap costume I pick up from the dollar store on the way to the bar. See? I plan ahead! You people give me like, zero credit.



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Via: Geekosystem

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  1. Linda

    Just in time for Halloween.