This is The Chocolate Double Double Animal (Cracker) Style Burger. No, In-N-Out didn’t jump the shark, this desserty burg was created by Chef Kerry Simon. The chocolate mousse patty rests on a macaroon bun and stacked with the sweetest fixins like strawberries for tomatoes, mint for lettuce, crème fraiche for cheese, and a brioche bun to top it all off. The whole dealie comes with a side of puff pastry fries. It’s available through the end of May at JW Marriott’s LA Market. A very limited time. Almost too limited. So limited in fact that even though I live less than 15 minutes away, I don’t think I’m gonna make it. I’m too comfortable on the couch right now and I imagine by the time my legs fall asleep I’m gonna forget all about this chocolate burger thing and order a pizza.

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