These are Gumbo Cupcakes by Stefani Pollack of the Cupcake Project. She’s always creating crazy desserts (like Cupcake NuggetsChocolate Chip Cookie Grilled Cheese, and Cupcake Sausages) and these are no exception! These savory cupcakes are practically a meal. They’re made with a traditional gumbo roux, have andouille sausage inside and a grilled shrimp up top! You can make your very own batch by following the recipe on Stefani’s blog. Ooh, and this comes just in time for Fat Tuesday! Although, in my world, every day is Fat Tuesday. Yes, even like, Thursdays or Saturdays. All the days. Fat Tuesday. Okay, except Sundae Monday. Totally different. That’s when I binge on vats of ice cream with all kinds of toppings, whipped cream, and loads cherries on top. I only do that once a week because, well, a person can only eat so much dairy before their body starts rejecting it. I… don’t think I should go into any details. Just trust me on this one.

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