Up until now, I never had any reason to talk about Anthony Weiner’s wiener scandal. Who a person sends peen pics to is none of my business. Unless you’re sending them to me in which case LOLOL why is it so tiny? Brb, posting this on the internet.

K, back. Your ding dong is famous! But onto the subject at hand — now there are hot dogs involved in this Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger mess. And when you get hot dogs involved, I’m there. I’m there with loads of ketchup and a little bit of relish, but not too much relish because that gives me heart burn. There’s a company selling Carlos Danger branded hot dogs. You can buy them in packs of four, twenty, or –for you diehard Weiner wiener fans — forty. They’re also selling some T-shirts that say “ASK To See MY Weiner” which makes zero sense. Whoever designed that shirt is USING Capital LETTERS Completely Wrong. But seriously, guys, the company claims their hot dogs aren’t just a joke. Carlos Danger Weiners LLC is actually super focused on bringing you the highest quality hot dogs, okay? God, why is that so hard for you to believe?!

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Via: Food Beast