Joaquin Baldwin designed this Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug. Clever! You can buy one of your own over at Shapeways for just $99. Say whaaat? I don’t know about you, but $99 is wayhayhayhaaay out my coffee mug budget. Fortunately there’s a Caffeine Molecule Espresso Mug, which, nevermind, it’s $48, which far exceeds any amount of money I’d spend on an espresso mug. I just use a shot glass like a normal person with a drinking problem. And those I can get from the tourist shop down the street for mega cheap. They’ve even got ones with boobs! And if there’s one thing better than drinking caffeine out of a Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug, it’s drinking caffeine out of boobs. Which is actually two things, if you think about it.

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Via: io9

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  1. katieann

    not even for 1 as cool as this