Butt-Shaped Mooncakes

Butt-Shaped Mooncakes

Goods of Desire, a shop in Hong Kong, is selling butt-shaped mooncakes. Why? Because what could possibly be more appetizing than a butt? Exactly — nothing. But seriously, why? For the annual Mid-Autumn Festival in China of course! That makes perfect sense. And by perfect, I clearly mean zero. I mean, c’mon, I’ve heard of bundt cakes, but butt cakes? Now that’s just hilarious.

Buttock-shaped moon cakes sold ahead of the Mid-Autumn festival in Singapore

Via: Metro

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One thought on “Butt-Shaped Mooncakes

  1. dw

    Because 8th month of the 15th lunar calendar is also meant as ‘butt’ in Cantonese

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