Not to be outdone by McDonald’s Potato Holder, Burger King has come up with their own hands-free fast food solution: the Hands-Free Whopper. While it looks a joke, the Hands-Free Whopper holder is a real product that’s currently available in Puerto Rico in celebration of BK’s 50th anniversary. Like Micky D’s Potato Holder which was only available in Japan, it’s really unclear why Burger King hasn’t brought this to the rest of the US. We live (and die due to obesity related health problems) for convenient ways to get fatter!




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  1. ThUmPeR

    What about the last half of the burger??? You`ll have to hold it then..stupid idea if you ask me.

  2. pice out

    no its awsome man wowowowowowowowo0woowoowowoowowow omg thats grate yeahahahahahahahahhahh thats what we gamers need fool yar fool

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