To celebrate Burger King’s 5th year in Japan, the fast food chain will be hocking the Kuro Burger. It’s a black bunned and ketchupped (ketchupped is a word!) cheese burger. I don’t know what kinda person thinks that changing the colors of a burger would make a good present, but my birthday is less than a month away and I would really appreciate you coaching them on proper gifting in the meantime. Mainly I’m looking for either cash-money, hooch, or drug-money. The bun is blackened by mixing the dough with bamboo charcoal, the ketchup is regular ketchup with garlic, seasonings, and squid ink thrown in there. Squid ink, eh? You know, call me a tradionalist, but when I think of cheeseburger, the last thing that comes to mind is squid ink. The first thing that comes to mind? Might as well make it a combo!

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