Any alky will tell you: the only cure for feeling bad about drinking a lot is drinking a lot. Hair of the dog, if you will. And nothing soothes after a bender quite like a Bloody Mary. What could possibly make the tomatoey drink even better? MEAT. Or more specifically—A BEEF JERKY STRAW. That’s right, Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straw’s got a hole allllllllllll the way through so you can suck down that miracle juice that’s gonna make you forget that you woke up feeling like death and take away that sads. The best part? Ohohohoooo the best part is, that over the course of drankin’ your drank, the meaty lil sucker becomes infused with the Bloody Mary making it not only a lil spicy, but a lil boozy, too.

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