♫ I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like! ♫ Well, I like pizza. Therefore I want to ride my bike on pizza. Unfortunately, I’m not four inches tall. Being four inches tall would be cool, because I could ride this $15 pizza cutter bike across an XL za. And if I, as a regular sized human, can eat a giant-ass pizza in one sitting and still be hungry for more, can you imagine how long it would take me to finish a pie if I was four inches tall? Probably like, two sittings. Also: pepperonis would be as big as my head! Which is basically the coolest thing that could happen to a person if you think about it.

bicycle-pizza-cutter-2 bicycle-pizza-cutter-3

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Via: Gizmodo


  1. Markus

    Pls tell us: Where can we buy that nice toy?

  2. Brittany High

    Hi Markus! Just click the “Buy” button at the end of the article, just above the source. It should take you to the product page!

  3. Dominique

    You are advertising the price of $15, the website says $25

  4. jesper

    Is there a possibility to buy the bike pizza cutter in bulk for gifts at one of our bike tours?

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