When I was a little (as in young, not small – I’ve always been of Sasquatch proportions) girl, my grampa would tell me magical stories. They’d always include fun facts like, cats can have AIDS too, you should sleep with one eye open because people are inherently evil, and unicorn’s doodie is rainbows! So you can imagine my genuine excitement when I came across this Unicorn Poop Recipe by Instructables user KristyLynn84. Grampa didn’t mention they were edible too, but he also didn’t tell me that the rat poison under the fridge was inedible. I got to ride in an ambulance!

Hat tip to the Royal Angel King. Shit, two tips in one day?! Sounds like somebody gotta crush.

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Via: laughingsquid.com


  1. Coco

    Amazing just amazing love them

  2. rainbows and butterflys!


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