After getting  coupled up sandwich-style with ice cream, we thought Pop-Tarts had found a the perfect mate. But now the people over at Kellogg’s are asking “What about liquor for breakfast?” to which I reply “I am already a few steps drinks ahead of you!” That’s right — Pop-Tart Flavored Vodkas. There are three flavors to choose booze from: Strawberry, S’mores, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon. All of those flavors sound like they should be poured over my cereal. And if I have my way, they totally will! Unless you’re my parole officer. If you’re my parole officer then, uh… No sire, I has not been drinkling.

Unfortunately our friends over HiConsumption have learend that this was merely an April Fool’s Joke. But I trusted you!

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  1. Brittany High

    Yep! The update wasn’t included at the time of publishing. Thanks for the correction — fixed!

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