HomeWetBar.com is selling this 1 oz flask that attaches to your keychain. Which seems… pretty irresponsible. I like drinking my face off as much as, IF NOT MORE THAN, the next boozehound, but drinking and driving is no bueno, kids. That’s Spanish for bad news bears, by the way. Per the product site:

We not saying you should drink and drive, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a drink handy when you’re out in your “man place”?!

LOLWUT? Go home HomeWetBar.com, you’re drunk! We not saying you should have a proofreader that doesn’t drink on the job, but yes, actually that’s exactly what we saying. Also, what does anyone’s “man place” have to do with getting your drank on? I don’t limit my boozing to my “lady place” which, now that I say it out loud, kinda sounds like we’re talking about private parts. You know what? This conversation is over! Point is: Don’t drink and drive. And if you really do need a shot of booze dangling from your keys, your drinking problems are worse than mine. AKA you need help!

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  1. Jake

    Well, for starters, this could be used to carry elderberry syrup to take in the middle of the work day, to fight off colds and flu that you are exposed to at work. I assume it would also carry medication., for humans or pets, when we go out for the day. For people who have lotions to apply, it could also carry that. You could also fill it with your favorite seasoning blend and take to the restaurant etc, if you prefer your own blend. Many, many uses other than booze. BTW…….I stopped drinking in college days, 40 years ago. A flask has many uses, least of all booze.
    Come on, be creative, will you?

  2. JP

    It could be attached to your house keys, not your car key.

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